Best Free EPUB Reader for Windows

An EPUB file contains e-book content that can be displayed on most devices. This makes it easy to read on multiple platforms, since you don’t have to worry about platform specific formats or programs to read the file.

However, you need an EPUB reader program to open an EPUB file, which means you won’t be able to view it in your browser or other programs that can’t handle EPUB files such as Photoshop or Word.

Fortunately, there are some great Free EPUB Reader for Windows that you can use to open and read your EPUB files easily.

Before we start: What is an EPUB?

An EPUB is a multi-purpose electronic publication format whose structure is based on that of a Web page. The term was originally an acronym for electronic publication, but it is no longer capitalized as such.

It is used almost exclusively to publish digital versions of printed works or documents in non-editable (i.e., fixed) formats.

This means you can access and read books easily, even if you do not have a physical copy available with you.

10 Best Free EPUB Reader for Windows

1. Calibre

Calibre is the oldest, the most popular, and quite possibly the best free ebook reader in use today. In many ways, this software has helped to establish the foundation for newer and more advanced tools in the future.

It is a powerful eBook manager that allows you to access thousands of digital books and keep them in an immaculate digital library. You can share it with other users and even back it up efficiently to make sure you never lose any of your content. 

With a large range of content that includes literature, educational books, self-help books, magazines, and more, Calibre also provides users with the opportunity to edit or convert formats to make the e-book compatible with other e-reader software.


2. Foxit Reader

We recommend Foxit Reader for two reasons: it’s free and it’s user-friendly. It doesn’t have any of those annoying extra features that get in your way and make it harder to read.

Foxit also supports a wide range of other file formats, which makes it great when you need an app that can handle a variety of documents. (And, with its customizable interface, you can really turn up your text size if you have trouble seeing small print.)

All of these file formats are supported by Foxit, but when it comes to HTML files you can only use version 4.01 or earlier. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re reading an older website, but there’s a chance you could run into trouble with more recent sites.


3. Bluefire Reader

The Bluefire Reader app (iOS and Android) lets you read e-books without downloading them, instead relying on Amazon’s cloud service. It’s worth noting that Bluefire is not a true PDF reader, as it can only read EPUB files—but its Chrome extension allows you to easily import PDFs into an EPUB file.

 In addition, Bluefire offers a built-in dictionary and search, so you can quickly find words and passages in your e-books. One unique feature of Bluefire is that it also lets you highlight passages in e-books, saving them as virtual notes on your device.


4. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

While ADE isn’t free, it’s completely open source and lets you do more than just read books—it also helps you create e-books and organize your library. ADE is available through Adobe’s website as well as other popular download sites.

 ADE works with just about any type of e-book file, and supports almost all popular formats. For example, you can use ADE to download books from retailers like Google Play Books, Kobo Books, Barnes & Noble Nook Store and Apple iBooks.


5. Sumatra PDF Reader

Sumatra PDF is a completely free and open-source program that works great on any computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. This small tool is just what you need if you want something that’s lightweight but still has a large number of features.

The only downside is that Sumatra PDF doesn’t have bookmarking capabilities (though it will highlight and annotate text as you read), so if that feature is important to you, check out one of these other tools instead.


5. Kindle Paperwhite

As of late, e-readers are facing increasing competition from tablets and other mobile devices. However, many people still prefer reading from a dedicated e-reader.

If you’re a bookworm who wants an e-reader that does more than just display text, it’s hard to go wrong with Kindle Paperwhite.

Not only does it have a crisp, clear resolution and a 6-inch display, but it also has built-in lighting with adjustable brightness.


6. Epubor Reader

Epubor is a very powerful and easy-to-use ePub reader which can work on all Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (both 32bit & 64bit).

This free ePub reader supports opening any protected epub file. You can copy text or share interesting quotes from books. In addition, you are allowed to control font size and change background color.


7. Icecream Epub Reader

Icecream Ebook Reader is one of the best free epub reader software. It allows you to read ebooks on your computer.

Icecream Epub Reader doesn’t have any restrictions on file formats and it supports Adobe Digital Editions DRM eBooks.

So, if you use ADE, Icecream is definitely worth a try. This program is open source and has a user-friendly interface. You can get this Free EPUB Reader for Windows or view on web.


8. Kobo

This epub reader works on any device that runs Google’s Android operating system. It also has a desktop version available, which makes it possible to transfer ebooks between multiple devices.

The desktop app does not provide much additional functionality beyond converting formats, but you can use it in combination with Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions if you want extra features like annotation and notes tools.

Kobo is free and open source. It supports all major ebook formats, including EPUB and PDF.

Some users have complained about Kobo not working well with DRM-protected books from major publishers; other readers might be better if you need support for such books.


9. Neat Reader

This app has been called the best app for reading .epub files on Windows. It supports multi-touch gestures, can adjust its display quality automatically, and even has a distraction-free fullscreen mode. NeatReader is free with in-app purchases and ads, or you can pay $3 to unlock everything.

In addition, you can use NeatReader with a tablet or other touch screen device. It’s actually been designed for use on all kinds of touchscreen-based devices and is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

10. Freda

Freda is an amazing application for reading electronic books. It is one of the most powerful e-reader applications around, because it can run on any phone or tablet you want (within reason).

It has a universal typeface and graphical layout that looks great everywhere, making this application perfect for people who want to read almost anywhere!


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