Top 5 Free Ad Blockers for Chrome: Which One is the Best?

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you want to block ads and trackers on your computer. In the following blog post, I will show you some of the best free ad blockers for Chrome which will not only help you block ads, but also protect your privacy online.

A lot of people use Ad Blocker to speed up their browsing experience, but did you know that these extensions can also protect your privacy? There are many ad blockers out there that already have Privacy Badger built in, so it may be worth looking into if privacy is important to you. Do not miss this opportunity and start exploring what these 5 Chrome ad blockers can do for you today!

What is Ad-Blocker?

Ad blocker is a browser extension that blocks ads and trackers on websites. It is not just annoying ads that you want to get rid of, but also the scripts and cookies that slow down your browsing experience. Ad blockers work by blocking the URL requests to these ads and trackers before they reach the websites. When this happens, the ads are never downloaded to your computer so you can enjoy a faster browsing experience without distractions.

Why use an ad blocker?

Ad blockers are becoming increasingly popular. People want to protect their privacy online because there are so many advertisers tracking their movements and following them around the internet. Using an ad blocker is one way to stop advertisers from targeting you with ads that you are not interested in seeing. But do not worry, most ad blockers also block trackers which will make your browsing experience a lot faster!

What to consider before installing an ad blocker

Consider your browsing experience before installing an ad blocker. You want to make sure that the ad blocker you choose does not slow down your internet speed or stop you from visiting all your favorite websites. Also want to make sure that the ad blocker has a lot of reviews, preferably with 4+ stars on the Chrome Web Store.

You also want to choose an ad blocker that is compatible with other browsers like Firefox and Safari. Choosing an ad blocker for Chrome only would not be extremely helpful if you do not have it installed on all your devices.

Top 5 Free Ad Blockers for Chrome

uBlock Origin Free Ad Blocker

uBlock Origin is a great ad blocker extension for Chrome with over 150 million downloads. Advertisers will have a challenging time targeting you because this extension blocks ads before they load, preventing them from loading in the first place. It also has features like an easy-to-use interface and quick access to the filter list. uBlock is one of the most popular ad blockers out there, so it is worth checking out if you want to try an ad blocker that can block ads without installing another plugin on your browser. You can install this free ad blockers from below

uBlock Origin
uBlock Origin
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Adblock Plus

Adguard is a lesser-known browser extension that can block ads, trackers, and malware sites from loading on your computer. Though not as popular as AdBlock Plus, it does not compromise the browsing experience for users who want to maintain their privacy. This extension also has an optional add-on that protects your information by blocking all forms of data collection across the web.

Adblock Plus - kostenloser Adblocker
Adblock Plus - kostenloser Adblocker


The first ad blocker from this list is Ghostery, a popular ad blocker that not only blocks ads, but also provides privacy protection. What is great about this extension is that it does not just block ads for the pages you visit; it blocks ads on all your devices, including your phone and tablet. This means you can browse with peace-of-mind knowing that invasive ad networks are not tracking your information.

Another excellent feature of Ghostery is that it also blocks trackers – code found on many sites which records what websites you visit and what content you interact with. It is important to note, though, that some people might be concerned about the increased load time associated with Ghostery.


Blocks YouTube ads, Facebook advertisements, and other annoying pop-ups. This add-on has been around for a while and does an excellent job at both protecting your privacy and keeping annoying pop-ups off your screen.

It can also protect you from inadvertently visiting a malicious website by allowing you to block certain types of sites as well.

With more than one million users, it is a popular choice among computer users who want to keep their browsing safe without having to go in and manually change settings on sites they frequent often.

Adblock Plus – free ad blocker

There’s a reason why AdBlock Plus is one of our favorite ad blockers for Google Chrome. With over 50 million users, it’s easy to see why it has a near monopoly on ad blocking in browsers. Unlike some of its competitors, however, there are no premium features: you get all its functionality free of charge.

This extension has become so popular that it now maintains a curated list of easy-to-block ads. The company’s collection of easy blockers has grown over time to include those prevalent on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Buzzfeed.

You can even choose to whitelist certain sites, so their ads are allowed through, if you really want them (but we don’t recommend it).

Adblock Plus - kostenloser Adblocker
Adblock Plus - kostenloser Adblocker


Overall, AdGuard is a free and incredibly effective ad-blocking tool. The paid version offers advanced filtering that works on your computer as well as mobile devices. It is also known for offering some of the best customer support around, so you will always be taken care of. And with a built-in VPN to help protect you online, there is really no reason not to try it out right now.

AdGuard Werbeblocker
AdGuard Werbeblocker
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

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