The Complete Guide to Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Even if you are an experienced Windows user, there are bound to be some shortcuts that you have not discovered yet or you just do not use them as often as you should. Even those who are new to the platform can learn a thing or two from this list of Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts. Here are some of the most useful ones that will help you perform your daily tasks much more efficiently and faster, whether it is opening a program, changing window focus, or minimizing all windows in one simple gesture.

There are all kinds of keyboard shortcuts you can use, from copying text to taking screenshots, to opening notifications, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful ones.

Shortcuts for File Manager

Windows 11’s File Explorer is a core feature that lets you view and manage all the files on your computer. To make this process easier and faster, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut KeysDescription
ALT+DSet Focus to address bar.
CTRL+NOpen a new window (Will work in browser).
CTRL+ESet focus to the search bar.
CTRL+WClose the active window.
CTRL + mouse scroll wheelChange the size of folder and file icons.
Ctrl + Shift + E Displays all the folders in the parent directory of the current active folder
Ctrl + Shift + N Create a new folder.
Alt + EnterView properties of the selected file or folder.
Alt + PShow the preview panel.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11 features and apps

Although you may already be familiar with the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start menu, did you know that you can combine it with other keys in Windows 11 to open specific applications and features? The following are the most notable uses of this key in Windows 11.

Shortcut KeysDescription
Windows key + AOpen the Quick settings Panel.
Windows Key + COpen Cortana
Windows Key + EOpen File Manager
Windows Key + DHide or Show Desktop
Windows Key + GOpen XBOX Game Bar
Windows Key + TabShows Task View.
Windows Key + LLocks the screen.
Windows Key + VOpens Clipboard History.
Windows Key + IOpens the Settings menu.
Windows Key + FOpens the Feedback hub.
Windows Key + HOpens the dictation toolbar.
Windows Key + POpens the projection settings.
Windows Key + C (Windows Key + Q)Opens Windows Search.
Windows Key + XOpens the secondary start menu.
Windows Key + <number>Opens the app in the taskbar relative to the number input.
Windows Key + Alt + <number>Opens the right-click menu for the app in the taskbar relative to the number input.
Windows Key + UOpens Ease of Access in the Settings menu.
Windows Key + Print ScreenTakes a screenshot of the desktop.
Windows Key + CTRL + FOpens the Find Computers window.
Windows Key + CTRL + DCreates a virtual desktop.
Windows Key + CTRL + Left ArrowSwitches to the virtual desktop on the left.
Windows Key + CTRL + Right ArrowSwitches to the virtual desktop on the right.
Windows Key + CTRL + F4Closes the active virtual desktop.
Windows Key + SpaceSwitches between installed languages (for writing text).

Other Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut KeysDescription
CTRL + CCopy Selected item or text
CTRL + VPast copied or cut content from clipboard
CTRL + ASelect All items or text in a page, windows, or document
CTRL + XCut the selected text or item.
 CTRL + ZUndo last action
F2Rename the selected folder or file
F4Display the address bar in File manager
F5Refresh the device
F6Cycle through screen elements
F10Activate menu bar in the active app or window
F11Full screen
CTRL + F4Close opened Windows, app, or document

The above-mentioned Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts will help you do things faster and more efficiently.

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