The Top Android APK Downloading Sites of 2022

If you are looking to download Android apps from the best source possible, your decision to use an APK site will be easy. However, APK sites can vary greatly in the quality of service that they provide and there are hundreds of them out there vying for your attention, making it impossible to know which sites are the best. To help you make an informed decision on which site to use, we’ve put together this list of the top Android APK downloading sites based on factors such as user reviews, security, price, content, and more.

What is APK?

An APK is an installation file format used by Android. It includes all your app’s code, resources, assets, and manifest files. When you install an app on your device, it’s installing its. APK file. These files are often downloaded from third-party sites to bypass Google Play restrictions or download paid apps for free. These sites are not sanctioned by Google, so downloading from them could put your device at risk for malware or viruses. Always check that a site is secure before downloading from it.

Top Android APK Downloading sites

APKMirror – #1 APK Downloading Site


APKMirror is one of those sites that has been in existence for a while now. It offers numerous android applications as well as official updates on every app. The site’s content is regularly updated and there are thousands of apps being offered here.

This site makes it easy to download new apps or keep your old ones updated. You get just about everything you need from APKMirror. Be sure to check out their website when looking for something specific. Chances are, they have it!

One thing that sets them apart from other similar websites is how fast they update their database. This can be attributed to both quality assurance measures and a lot of manpower dedicated to maintaining it.

On top of that, all files are checked by hand before they go live which helps ensure high-quality standards. It might not be number 1 but worth checking out nonetheless!

Website link:

APKPure top apk downloading sites

One of my favorite places to download all kinds of apps, including android APK is APKPure. They have over a million downloads per day and their network is growing every single day.

They provide free downloads for several popular applications such as Facebook and Instagram, but if you want an official app from an official developer, that’s also possible.

The site also offers an alternative for some applications. The modified versions are created by individual developers and not official developers but can be as good as or even better than the originals.

Although original apps usually offer a more stable experience than their modified counterparts, they’re only available through third-party download sites and they often come with obtrusive ads. Modified apps are often a great option when there is no official version. You can download your favorite games, apps, and launcher Android APK file from

Website link:


9apps top apk downloading sites

Download top android apps, games, music, and videos directly to your mobile device. 9Apps app is compatible with all types of android smartphones. This app was last updated every day and has over 100 million users worldwide. 9Apps is another most popular Android APK downloading site.

It’s one of the best sources for downloading android apps in its category. The design layout isn’t very attractive, but it performs perfectly well without any errors or glitches. And since there are a lot of people using it, you don’t have to worry about getting viruses or harmful codes when installing stuff from here.

Moreover, it is a great alternative to where you can download APK files directly to your Android.

Website link:


Aptoide top apk downloading sites

One of these top-tier Android download sites, Aptoide has become one of Google’s biggest competitors in-app downloading. It started to allow users to find and download apps that had been blocked in certain countries but have since grown into a legitimate service.

It supports all major types of applications including those that are paid, free, or ad-supported.

Aptoide also has an open-source platform called AppCoins which is a digital currency meant for use with Aptoide and its partners. All payments are facilitated using blockchain technology so users never have to worry about third parties getting involved with their transactions.

Uptodown top apk downloading sites

It’s a good alternative for users who don’t like to download directly from Google Play. It has a wide variety of apps, plus mods and tweaks for those who want them. It’s also better than F-Droid when it comes to user security: You can set up two-factor authentication using your Google account.

The app itself is highly customizable, but not quite like some other options. Still, it gets points for its developer support and user community, which create an active forum where you can ask questions or find answers.

Uptodown wins out over its competitors thanks to that active forum and relatively frequent updates, but mostly because its foundation is one that any other app would be envious of all open-source software with extra features added by volunteers.

Moreover, you can also download PC games and software from

APKmody – Best APK Download site for MODS

apkmody top apk downloading sites

Looking for a mod apk android? Here is one site that you can trust. Apkmody downloads all kinds of app apk. Need an apk or mod apk, just visit it and download them free.

They provide a direct link to download popular apps and games for free. You can also find a long list of the best android apps here. Not all apps are downloaded from here so you should check other sources as well.

This site is very popular all over the world due to its reliability and privacy which they are providing. It provides us with high-quality apps and games, updated all time, so we will not get bored playing that one game or using that one app forever.

On apkmody, you can download videos, photos, and other pieces of stuff easily too! This site is increasing its database almost every day by getting some new and amazing things for free downloads.

They have got a user-friendly design that is easily understandable so even a newbie can easily handle it! Along with their fast-downloading speed, you don’t need to worry about how long your files would take to download because they know how important it is for you to get what you want ASAP!

Website link:


Unlike many other popular websites for downloading apks, APKdone does not have any fancy design or any shiny things. What it does have is a bunch of unique features to make it easier than ever before to find and download apps from all over.

First, you will notice that every featured site comes with detailed information about what it is and how to use it, without confusing users with flashy advertisements.

Next, each site includes only sites related to android applications and nothing else, so you won’t need to worry about being tricked into installing a virus or malware on your smartphone.

Thirdly, each app details page comes with an official page link in case you want to download it directly from Google Play.

Website link:

top is another most popular downloading site for Android APK files. You download games and apps of all categories. They show some ads on their site.

The AN1 website is a simple and clean user interface. You can also download the modified version of Games and apps. All this stuff can be downloaded for free.

Website link:

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