KingRoot Android APK Download v5.4.0 For Android

Rooting is a common fascination among everyone who wants full control of an Android. But the custom root is a lengthy process that discourages many people. Also, people always have many problems.

Their problem can be solved by this application, as it can root a device with just a tap. The latest version of KingRoot Android 11 can be downloaded below for your mobile phone.

With this application, they can root a device with just a single tap. Here you can download the latest version of KingRoot Android 11 for your mobile phone.

KingRoot Android v5.4.0 Features

One-Click Root

This mobile application has a neat feature called one-click root.

KingRoot’s one-tap rooting service is the reason behind its popularity. It is also possible to root your Android device with just a click if you do not know much about Android.

Data Backup: 

You can backup all your sensitive or personal data.

Uninstall system apps:

 The system apps and games are normally hidden from users. But with KingRoot, you can disassemble any app to remove it from your system when you need to.

No third-party apps needed: 

In addition, it doesn’t need help from 3rd party applications, which is a cool feature of this rooting app. Rooting has never been easier.

Customize battery life:

In addition, the battery of the device is customized so that the battery life of the device is increased.

Delete junk files: 

With the KingRoot Android v5.4.0 application, users can remove junk files from their phone. All the junk files on your phone can be erased with just one tap.

Remove ads:

 KingRoot could block advertisements on your device. Users can enjoy a more comfortable browsing experience.


A user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to understand.

Easy unrooting system:

Users can unroot with one tap. During the unrooting process, make sure your device has a stable Internet connection.

How do I download and install kingroot on my android device?

Kingroot is easy to download and install on Android devices. To begin, open Google Play Store and search for KINGROOT. Click on KingRoot 5.4 to begin downloading it and wait until it finishes installing on your device. That’s all there is to it! Root your phone now!

You download from here with direct link below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of obtaining Root?

The root user has the most access to Android. KingRoot provides Root Access to implement comprehensive management and optimization of mobile phones, such as deleting bloatware from the mobile phone, disabling software auto-start, and improving the mobile phone system to save more energy and enhance mobile phone speed. Root Access allows you to use more advanced programs on the mobile phone, which makes it different from others and suits your needs.

After rooting the phone, is it safe to use it?

There are security vulnerabilities in Android. With KingRoot, you can be assured that your mobile phone is protected against viruses, spyware, and malware, and that your mobile phone is protected from malicious attacks. KingRoot’s unique Root Protection Mechanism strengthens the mobile phone system, and it provides multi-layer real-time protection of the mobile phone system. Secures your data and information while guaranteeing your online transactions’ safety. To make your mobile more secure after rooting, we highly recommend running the KingRoot client regularly.

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