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Funny junk has been online since 2005, starting out as a website that let users upload their own photos with funny captions to share with others. It quickly gained popularity, but it would also be targeted by people who did not like what the site was becoming. In 2010, Funnyjunk found itself in legal trouble when the image hosting website Imgur uploaded all the images that had been uploaded to Funnyjunk without permission and without sharing any of the revenue with Funnyjunk.

The History

FunnyJunk was founded by two high school friends, who quickly found that people really liked using their website and telling their friends about it.

It was originally called AniLink but was changed when they found a competitor with a similar name; they eventually settled on FunnyJunk and started growing rapidly, racking up thousands of pages of content every day and inspiring users to submit even more funny stuff.

In 2009, after growing rapidly and racking up massive amounts of content, FunnyJunk found itself involved in a lawsuit with comic company The Oatmeal; they say they had not received enough warning that they were hosting copyrighted material, while FunnyJunk argued that it was protected by Section 230 of US law.

The Homepage

Like you, we are big fans of funny pictures and videos, which is why we made sure that when you first arrive at Funnyjunk, you can see them in all their glory.

No annoying pop-ups or other annoying distractions—we figure it is best if you make your own decisions about where and how long to spend here… that is what TOS are for! 🙂

To make sure we can continue making your visit as easy and smooth as possible, we encourage you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with our Terms of Service (ToS) by taking a quick read over them.

While they may be long, they are in fact truly short on legalese and stuffed full of interesting tidbits of info that you might find useful! We hope you enjoy learning about Funnyjunk just as much as you do spend time together here… if not more!

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Submitting To FunnyJunk

FunnyJunk is a collection of user-submitted humor, ranging from jokes and comics to stories and videos.

If you are submitting images, it is a clever idea to clean them up with an image editor like GIMP or Photoshop before posting—do not alet your laziness hurt your chances of getting paid! You can use these simple filters and adjustments:

The Community

It is diverse here, you can find people of all ages, backgrounds, and a wide variety of interests. The community is open and welcoming, although there are always a few bad apples that give everyone else on SJ a bad name (for example some of them will respond very poorly if you post something they do not like.) This can be overcome by following common courtesy and giving it back as good as you get it.

Why so much porn? Well first, they have a no human parts rule, so everything is cartoon/animated images. They also have a ton of NSFW rules, but it does not seem to be enforced very well (but please do not go posting any porn here! I am sure there are other blogs you can do that on.)

Reasons Why You Should Visit/Stay At FJ

If you are a frequent visitor at funnyjunk then you might have a slight idea of what is good about it but here I am going to tell you some reasons why funnyjunk is not like any other site and how it will never get old for you no matter how many times you visit it! So here we go…!

The beauty of funnyjunk is that it is not like any other ordinary site where it gets boring after you visit it few times, but at funnyjunk no matter how many times you visit it always stay fresh and interesting. The reason behind this is that every page on funnyjunk has some or other thing which makes people stay for long and come back for more repeatedly!

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