Firefox Browser for Android Might Be Better Than You Think

Firefox has come a long way since its first release in 2004. As both an alternative browser and an open-source project, the Firefox browser has added add-ons and customization options that set it apart from other browsers. Now, with the release of Firefox Beta for Android, Firefox users can experience Firefox on their mobile devices, too! Read on to learn why you should give Firefox on Android a try if you have not already.


Firefox is safer than Chrome. Although Mozilla’s browser has long been derided as a memory hog, it has added considerable security features to its Android incarnation. While Chrome automatically updates itself, Firefox updates itself and your other apps only after you give permission. And unlike in Chrome, these prompts appear on a desktop screen rather than interrupting whatever you are doing at that moment.

Other useful security features include a built-in password manager, support for two-factor authentication and an ad blocker. And unlike Chrome, which blocks all ads by default, Firefox gives you control over how ads appear on your device. That may make it less appealing to advertisers, but means you are not bombarded with notifications every time you click on a link. Firefox is also compatible with more extensions than Chrome, though some of these can be slow to load or prone to crashing.


Firefox is a browser that simply works. It does not crash; it is highly compatible with whatever you need to do online, and it is quick to boot. On my (admittedly low-end) phone, Firefox takes a second or two longer than Chrome to start up, but once it does, pages load noticeably faster.

As a bonus, Firefox blocks all ads on every site I have tried—Google included—and stays out of your way in full-screen mode when playing videos. If you want something fast and dependable for your mobile browsing needs, give Firefox on Android a try! You will not be disappointed.


There are a lot of great privacy features in Firefox. First, you have Private Browsing with Tracking Protection, which prevents websites from tracking your online activities. Second, you have Firefox Lockbox to store your passwords securely.

These two features mean that when it comes to privacy on mobile devices and browsing in general, there is no better solution than Firefox.

The best part is that if you already use Firefox on desktop or laptop computers, then all your settings will be synced between devices. So, if you have everything set up exactly right on one device, then you will not need to change anything once you start using Firefox on Android.

Ease of Use

Firefox is just as easy to use as any other browser, with quick settings and simple navigation. For example, unlike some browsers which have a separate area for tabs in addition to navigation and a search bar, Firefox combines all these elements into one place.

Firefox has many other options that work very well. For example, if you like to have multiple browser windows open and switch between them frequently, you will appreciate Firefox’s ability to resize browser windows quickly.

It also has one of the best Incognito modes on any browser, ensuring that your browsing activities remain private even when using a public computer. If you only want to use Incognito mode occasionally, however, a quick tap will toggle it on or off without needing to open a new window.

Download Firefox

Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

Direct link: Firefox App

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