Bloons TD Battles MOD APK 6.11 (Unlimited Medallions)

You will have the chance to battle with adorable monkeys and colorful balloons in Bloons TD Battles. What do you think will win the match between rivals competing on an equal footing? Check out the article below for the answer. Tower defense game Bloods TD Battles has gained immense popularity in the Android market.

NameBloons TD Battles
Publisherninja kiwi
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version6.11 (build 1011523)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Medallions

How to Play Bloons TD Battle

The tower defense game Bloons TD Battles is a classic. It is here that the two players will battle it out and try to destroy each other’s tower.

Choosing the game mode, map, and defense tower is the first thing you need to do. Different goals need to be achieved based on the model you choose. As long as they don’t get into your stronghold, you still have to destroy all balloons. You can only penetrate your defense a certain number of times per battle. You lose if the number of balloons exceeds the limit.

Bloods TD Battles feature up to 18 separate battles, each involving 20 monkey towers. There are eight ways to upgrade each building. Upgrades will lead to increased strength, energy, and defense.

Monkey Tower Boost allows players to recharge the monkey tower’s energy quickly. With this function, monkey tower attacks will become faster over time. If the player is fighting in Assault mode, they can activate Bloons Boost to boost the power of their balloons when fighting.

How to Control?

It is pretty simple to control Bloons TD Battles. Any monkey can be moved and interacted with by scrolling over it. By rolling over Super Monkey, it will gain access to a laser gun. When the monkey attacks, rollover to Sniper Monkey so that it can shoot.

Bloons TD Battles give you access to not only dramatic battles but also to over 16 appealing achievements. They are the result of a confrontation with artificial intelligence or a PvP opponent over the Internet. You can compete with your friends by sharing them on Facebook. As you may know, Kiwi Ninja also produced the very successful tower defense game Bloons TD 6.

Modes in Bloon TD Battle Mod APK

Assault, Battle Arena, and Defensive are the three main game modes in Bloons TD Battles. Balloons are used directly to crush opponents in the Assault mode. A balloon’s initial flight is relatively slow. Nevertheless, starting with turn 30, each of the balloons will increase their speed by 20%. Players should not neglect their defense even though this mode has an offensive mechanism. Avert the attack of your opponent by securing your tower.

From the beginning of the game, players will receive $ 75. To survive as long as possible, the player must increase defenses. The reason increases when you purchase the increased income pack. Also, income increases contribute to the cooldown. The maximum income a player can earn is $3,000 per month.

Battle Arena mode will allow players to battle against players from different parts of the world; when a player has many medals, his ranking increases. When becoming the best, players will receive unique benefits.

Upgrading your weapons

Throughout the game, the balls get faster, more numerous, and stronger as you progress. The balloon wave that rushes to attack your tower will overwhelm you if you use too weak weapons. Upgrade your current weapons to increase your defenses, and buy new ones. As you win battles, you’ll earn bonuses that you can use towards upgrading weapons.

Here are some tips you may need

Each battle can be previewed by seeing which balloons will appear during it. If you know what type of balloons these attacks are, you can choose defensive towers with an advantage. There will be a slowdown in balloon movement, and roads will kink. To destroy them faster, it’s a good idea to place more towers at these points.

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