8 Best Weather Apps for iPhone 2022

Whether you’re living in a perpetually warm or cold climate, there’s no doubt that weather is always a hot topic. With so many weather apps to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together a list of the 8 best weather apps for iPhone. So whether you need to prepare for rain or snow, or just want to keep track of the current temperature, these apps have you covered!

Best Weather Apps for iPhone

As fall arrives, so does cooler weather and more rain. Finding the best weather apps for iPhone can help you get through these chilly months by providing useful weather updates right at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite weather apps for iOS devices.

1. The Weather Channel

Weather The Weather Channel

Weather forecasts are available on The Weather Channel app with maps that show current conditions, 12-hour and 7-day forecasts, as well as severe weather alerts. This free app also provides news and information about upcoming events such as concerts or sporting events taking place in the area. Plus, users can save their favorite locations to track multiple cities easily.

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2. Windy – Awesome Wind Forecast


Got wind? We do too! That’s why we created Windy – the best wind forecast app for iPhone. This weather app provides accurate forecasts of the wind speed and direction from your current location so you can plan accordingly. Windy is incredibly easy to use with an intuitive interface, but it has advanced features as well that’ll satisfy even the most demanding meteorologists.

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3. Yahoo Weather

yahoo weather

This free weather app delivers a simple, beautiful way to stay on top of all conditions at a glance. Easily set up multiple locations and see current conditions, hourly predictions, future radar maps and more on this dynamic weather map. With picturesque backgrounds that change in real time based on weather conditions, Yahoo Weather makes every day an interesting one.

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4. WeatherPro


WeatherPro for iPhone was designed to provide accurate weather information from a team of meteorologists. This best weather app for iPhone provides the most up-to-date weather forecast, almanac and satellite maps for planning out your day. In addition, you can monitor long-term forecasts with hourly predictions as well as 15-day forecasts that show future conditions down to the hour.

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5. Weather Live – Forecast & Radar

weather live

This is a simple yet feature packed weather app that delivers all the latest weather information in an easy format. With Weather Live – Forecast & Radar , you can find detailed reports about temperature, humidity conditions, wind speed and direction as well as see current radar maps showing rain or snowfall across any region in the country. You can also receive alerts when there is a severe weather condition in your area.

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6. AccuWeather Platinum: Forecasts & Radar

accuweather Best weather app for iphone

Never miss a weather forecast again with AccuWeather Platinum: Forecasts & Radar. This powerful app provides the most accurate and localized forecasts, real-time radar maps, time-stamped satellite images, hourly forecasts, 30-day almanacs, video forecasts from experts and more. You can receive alerts for nearby incidents such as hail or dust storms so you’re always prepared on the road. Also get up-to-the-minute updates about current conditions including UV indexes, pollen counts and heat index readings so you know when to plan your outdoor activities accordingly.

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7. Weather Underground

Weather underground - Weather app for iPhone

This is one of the best weather apps for iPhone because you can access forecasts and current conditions wherever you are, even when you’re offline. Offering live weather information from more than 135,000 personal weather stations around the world, this weather app provides real-time updates about rainfall accumulation as well as snowfall levels so you know what to dress your kids in before school. You can also see hourly predictions that show how different weather patterns will affect local communities throughout the day. Once downloaded, Weather Underground never requires an Internet connection to provide accurate reports every time.

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8. Sunrise Sunset

sunrise sunset

Know exactly when sunrise or sunset takes place anywhere in the world with Sunrise Sunset . This amazing app quickly determines the beginning and end times for daylight, twilight and sunrises or sunsets for any location on Earth. Sunrise Sunset is incredibly easy to use with a straightforward user interface that makes it ideal for beginners.

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Stay on top of any weather condition with these 8 best weather apps for iPhone. Whether you’re interested in forecasts, radar maps or current conditions, one of these best weather apps for iPhone is sure to suit your needs at any time.

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