Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone 2022

If you’re an iPhone user, then you know that the camera alone is not enough to take great photos. You need a good photo editing app to make your shots look their best. Here are ten of the best iPhone photo editing apps, based on my personal experience. These apps can help you fix common problems with your photos, add effects and filters, and much more. So don’t miss out on these essential tools for taking great photos with your iPhone!

12 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Everyone loves taking pictures on their iPhone. But, what happens when you want to edit your photos? With so many photo editing apps in the App Store, it is hard to know which one best suits your needs. Here are some great photo editing apps for iPhone that will help you transform simple pictures into art pieces.

1. Snapseed – Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone

snapseed iPhone

Snapseed is best free photo editing app for iPhone because it offers a wide range of features that are easy to access. The Snapseed can be used with both pictures and videos, making this best photo editing app for iPhone also best video editing app for iPhone.

Features: Advanced filtering options – Take your photos from drab to fab using the best professional filters available. Tune image details – One filter is never enough! Customize each filter’s intensity or use fine-tuning controls like sharpening and saturation to make your images truly unique. Easy sharing – Save time by quickly applying effects to many photos at once then share instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

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2. VSCO Cam – Best App for Editing iPhone Photos

vsco iphone

VSCO Cam best app for editing photos on iPhone because it uses stunning filters, beautiful frames and subtle textures to make your images pop. The best thing about VSCO is that its users are all independent artists–meaning you will get fresh, creative content in the feed instead of recycled social media posts.

Features: Endless inspiration – Explore thousands of beautifully edited photos by some of the best mobile photographers out there. Discover new accounts through hashtags, people nearby and editor’s picks. Crop tool – Never settle for an image that doesn’t fit your frame or crop your composition to perfection with the simple pinch-to-zoom gesture. Create custom profiles – Customize your profile with a unique bio, header photo and link to your website, portfolio or social media account. Save time – Quickly edit photos with VSCO’s simple interface and one-tap presets that can be applied with a single tap.

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3. Polarr Photo Editor – Best App for iPhone Selfie Photos

Polarr best app for editing selfies because it is equipped with easy-to-use tools for enhancing every part of your photo–from facial features to lighting to background. What makes this best photo editing app for iphone also best selfie editor is its efficient technology that does not slow down the entire process like other apps on the market do (ehem, Instagram). No more waiting!

Features: Intelligent controls – Unique adaptive sliders automatically adjust based on what you select. Setting the exposure on your face, for example, will adjust the brightness of the background as well. Intuitive and powerful – Rich options like Curves, Selective Color and Hue/Saturation give you endless editing possibilities right at your fingertips. Gorgeous effects – Use presets to apply high-quality effects with one tap or easily adjust them to create your own unique looks.

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4. Photoshop – Best App for Editing iPhone Photos

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop best app for editing photos because it gives you tools that empower you to edit just about anything no matter how big or small the project is. Whether you want to change a color, alter facial features or mix two images together–this best photo editing app for iphone makes it look good too.

Features: One-tap auto-fix – Focus and exposure are adjusted to create a perfect photo, every time. Patch tool – Fix problem areas seamlessly with the patch tool which is especially useful for erasing objects from photos. Liquify brush – Push pixels in different directions to create subtle effects like an artistic flare or use it for more dramatic changes like larger eyes or smaller waists. Perspective warp – Add unique effects by shifting the perspective of your image in real time, making it look as if you shot your image from another angle or moving around within it.

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5. Vintique – Best App for Editing Vintage Photos (Premium)

Vintique best iphone photo editor paid

Vintage best app for editing vintage photos because they have transformed their best analog effects into best digital effects. With over 40 best vintage filters, frames and textures at your disposal, you can recreate classic photos with ease.

Features: Customization – Vintique’s best vintage filters are fully adjustable to give you complete creative control. Each filter comes with its own set of customizable options so it best fits your photo–whether that means adjusting the fade or tweaking the vignette. Effects – Flaunt your favorite season with 12 best seasonal filters containing exclusive color palettes for each time of year. Add a bit more style by customizing the frame, vignette and textures then save them as presets for future use! Textures – Give your image an authentic retro feel courtesy of 25 best textures including everything from film scratches to stains to best old book paper.

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6. Enlight – Best App for iPhone Selfies & Portraits (Premium)

Light best app for selfies and portraits because it is a must-have tool for all best photographers, whether you’re a novice or pro. Enlight best photo editing app for iphone gives you the power to create stunning images with detail-rich best shadows and highlights never before seen on a mobile device.

Features: Live Shadow & Highlight – See your image’s best shadow and highlight details in real time as you adjust them using simple swipe gestures–no professional know-how required! Curves 2.0 – With Enlight’s new interface, everything becomes more intuitive than ever. Achieve best lighting quickly and easily with just a few simple taps. Shadows/Highlights – Add best definition to your images with best shadows and best highlights for an overall best exposure effect or spot-edit specific areas by controlling color, exposure, contrast, saturation, warmth and tint.

7. Pixelmator (Premium)

Pixelmator Photo

Pixel best photo editing app for iPhone because it is the digital tool you need to make sharp edits fast. Packed into this best app are advanced features that empower you to create professional-quality best photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The best part? You can take every last bit of it with you wherever you go–no other tools needed!

Features: Open multiple images at once – The best picker allows you to select multiple images from Photos or you can open best images from your best camera roll. Quick selection tool – With the best magic wand, best lasso and best paint brush, quickly select specific parts of an image to adjust just that section–no need to spend time perfecting the whole photo. Instant Fix layer – Instantly edit all your photos with one tap! The best Pixelmator feature lets you use best effects like auto-enhancements, color balance, fills and many more without ever leaving the app.

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8. Prisma (Free)


Prisma is best photo editing app for iPhone because it transforms your photos into artworks using artificial intelligence. All this best app needs is a few seconds to scan through your photo album or Facebook library before it starts best altering your best images.

Features: Directly transform best photos into works of art using styles inspired by best artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan and many more–all in real time! Transform best best selfies & portraits with just one tap. No previous experience required! Choose how you want your photo transformed–face retouching or basic color corrections included. Save your edited best images to your best camera roll or share them directly on best social media platforms.

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9. Focos – Best Portrait Editing App (Premium)


Focos is best portrait editing app because it allows you to create amazing out-of-focus backgrounds that turn your subject into the center of attention.

It’s great for both amateurs best looking to improve best photos on best selfies, portraits & best couples as best well as best professionals who are always searching for best ways to stand out.

Features: Focos features 23 best lenses with adjustable focus distance and circle of confusion properties–allowing you to create highly realistic bokeh effects in real time!

There are also 21 high-definition background textures included to give your image that perfect finishing touch.

The best part about it is that all the effects are adjustable using simple swipe gestures so everyone can easily use this app regardless of their experience level. Save your new photos directly into best camera roll or share them on best social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc.

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10. Adobe Lightroom CC (Free)

lightroom iphone

Lightroom best photo editing app for iPhone especially when it comes to best photography because you get best best quality best images with an easy-to-use interface.

If you are looking for best solutions when it comes to best photos, contacts or organization, this is definitely best image editor app you will want in your pocket!

Features: Create professional best photos with Lightroom’s advanced features like cropping, rotating and filter tools. Natural skin tone detail – When retouching portrait best images, the best face-aware technology automatically detects faces in order to apply enhancements that can’t be recreated manually.

Customizable presets & templates – Save custom settings in Lightroom CC in order to easily reuse them on future images without having to repeat best steps. When best sharing best photos, you can also share best full-resolution originals so your best fans never have to click through to best websites –they can enjoy them on best social media platforms directly from Lightroom!

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11. Photoleap best photo editor (Free)


Photoleap best photo editing app for best iPhone best app because it is best great best place to convert your best digital format photos into best stunning images that can be printed, shared or edited further.

This best image processing app also gives you access to over 800 different styles and effects so you can get creative with all your best best best best best best best best images.

Features: Transform average looking images into beautiful works of art using Enlight’s extensive library of 800+ styles and effects. Create stunning collages by simply selecting multiple photos with different aspect ratios–there are no limits to the number of photos that can be added!

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12. Afterlight 2 best photo editing app best iPhone best app best


Afterlight best photo editing best for best iPhone best app because it is best an advanced best tool to edit photos taken & saved with best your iPhone. After all, you don’t need to be a professional photographer or graphic designer in order to create amazing looking images! Afterlight’s photo effects are available on all iOS best devices and can be used to make fantastic images with a single tap.

Features: Afterlight’s professional quality photo editing tools are available in this simple to use app. Enhance your photos by adjusting vibrancy, contrast & brightness levels alongbest with best best adjustment tools like temperature, tint, shadows & best highlights.

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