Best Games Like Minecraft – You can play on your PC

Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has become one of the most popular video games in the world. It’s no surprise that gamers are always on the lookout for similar games to satisfy their craving for mining and building. If you’re one of these gamers, check out our list of the best games like Minecraft. We guarantee you’ll find a game that’s just right for you!

Best games like Minecraft are hard to find – that’s what makes the original game so great! But if you’re looking for a fun experience in creative mode, these top picks deliver. These similar games might not have all the features of Minecraft but they’ll provide hours of block-busting fun.

17 Best Games Like Minecraft

1. Roblox


Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game that allows users to build their own world and games within it. Players can create their own virtual avatars and engage in social multiplayer experiences. You can even earn badges for completing challenges or building certain items! Roblox is constantly evolving with fresh content, new games and events.

2. Terraria


Terraria is a 2D building game with an emphasis on crafting, exploration, and combat. It features character progression through experience gain, an open world without limitations of size or progress, randomly generated worlds with four different surface layers and countless customizable maps. Players have the option to gather materials for building their home base in the game by mining in different biomes, exploring caverns and fighting enemies.

3. Starbound


Starbound is another 2D building game with an emphasis on exploration and combat similar to Terraria. Players start out with a basic spaceship which they use to travel across the universe to search for new planets filled with resources, fight enemies in turn-based combat, and discover new alien species. During the game, players can acquire a permanent upgrade called a Terraforging which makes their planets’ conditions more difficult or easier depending on the player’s choice.

4. Castle Story

castle Story

Castle Story is similar to Minecraft in that it involves building structures from square-shaped objects using nothing but your bare hands. However, unlike Minecraft which is set in a world made of blocks, Castle Story is set on an island floating in the sky. Along with building structures, you get to control little characters called Bricktrons by placing commands for them to complete such as mining or combat.

5. Trove

Trove features character progression through experience gain similar to Terraria and Starbound but also uses player-made designs instead of randomly generated worlds like this list’s other games do. How does it work? Players can enter the game by finding their perfect class using an extensive list then use that class’ abilities to kill enemies and gather materials for building structures at your very own Cornerstone which functions like your game home base where players can invite friends to chill. It also has a unique class called the “Builder” which uses blocks to create structures for other players after being taught how to do so by a Master Builder.

6. Cube World

cube world

Cube World is a 2D building RPG that is still in development and hasn’t been released yet as of writing. It features character progression through weapons, items, and abilities instead of experience points like most games on this list with its own leveling system. The world’s design is randomly generated but unlike Minecraft with cubes, it uses tiles to build up the landmass which already looks more advanced than what Minecraft can do at its current stage. In terms of combat, Cube World has per-pixel collision detection with dodging blocking also present in addition to combo attacks and different attack types.

7. Infiniminer


Infiniminer is a sandbox building game that uses randomly generated voxel blocks like Minecraft and features character progression through gathering materials for building your own structures or trading with other players to get the materials you need. However, unlike Minecraft where it’s possible to build pretty much anything you can think of, Infiniminer limits what players can build by having its own list of items such as armor and weapons which give special abilities or effects when placed in designated slots on a player’s avatar. There are also monsters in the game that have their own abilities in addition to being immune to certain forms of attacks from players so watch out!

8. Blockland


Blockland is a 2D building game that is reminiscent of Minecraft’s creative mode which lets you build anything without having to gather materials first. However, unlike Minecraft, Blockland also features a large list of weapons from melee like axes and hammers to guns like shotguns along with customizable player classes using different skill sets combined together. These skills are further improved by gaining levels through combat or gathering experience points scattered across the map.

9. Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders takes place in an alternate timeline where the hero of the original Dragon Quest decides not to save Alefgard thus resulting in its destruction. Afterward, players take control of the builder who works for The Goddess (the antagonist) whose goal is to rebuild Alefgard into her own image. Although this game is a sandbox building RPG, it plays somewhat differently from Minecraft since players gather materials while killing enemies but don’t have to worry about hunger or health. It also has a great story with lots of cutscenes and NPCs who give quests while its classes add an additional layer of complexity through their variety in combat which encourages teamwork even more so.

10. Infra


In what could be the sequel to Infiniminer, Infra features similar gameplay that involves excavating underground structures for resources then using them to build your own structures from scratch on the surface. However, unlike Minecraft’s randomly generated worlds and cubes, the landscape consists of fixed blocks like in Tetris which makes you think ahead before building large projects like skyscrapers. Players can also craft items, weapons, and armor while having the ability to fly around the landscape quickly with a jetpack.

11. Seas of Blood

Seas of Blood

Seas of Blood is an RPG game similar to Minecraft where you control a sailor who must explore dangerous seas infested with pirates along with sea creatures like krakens and giant squids in search for treasure chests laden with gold. You’ll need to gather materials by mining or trading in order to craft items, weapons, and armor for protection from the enemies you encounter which encourages teamwork between players if they want to survive longer. Players can even build their own ships using different materials combined together after gaining enough money through their adventures as sailors!

12. Frost Punk

Frost Punk

Frost Punk is a city-building game that takes place in an alternate timeline where the earth becomes so cold that everyone on the planet dies except for those who live inside of heat sources called “engines.” If you want to last long enough and grow your settlement, you’ll need to gather resources by exploring the frozen landscape or by trading with other settlements. You can even bring buildings from previous maps into new maps which gives players greater control over how they want their settlement look like while providing more variety between playthroughs.

13. The Blockheads

An extremely simplified version of Minecraft with a simpler objective similar to its 2D predecessor Harvest Moon, The Blockheads follows a character’s quest to construct a house then expand it over time by mining and gathering materials from the environment. You can also trade with NPCs or craft items, weapons, and tools to sell or for your own use as you mine more rare resources that allow you to build more complex stuff like chimneys and glass windows.

14. Junk Jack X

Junk Jack X

Like Minecraft’s Creative Mode, Junk Jack X is a survival sandbox game where players explore randomly generated worlds with infinite terrain along with the ability to fly around which makes it easier to find hidden chests and other loot on high places (just like Terraria). If you want even greater customization options for your characters, there are tons of hats and clothing pieces available too which give them special abilities like increased luck while exploring since finding these items yourself takes quite some time.

16. The Sandbox

 The Sandbox

In The Sandbox, you can build anything from a small house to massive floating islands with just a few mouse clicks thanks to the variety of shapes and colors available in its Art Style Mode where players have access to all available blocks immediately without having them unlocked beforehand. There’s also a Story Mode which allows you to follow a story with quests involving building certain objects so it’s perfect for gamers who prefer an actual objective in addition to freedom in how they want their worlds created!

16. Revenge of the Titans

A cross between Minecraft and tower defense games, Revenge of the Titians has you mining and defending yourself from waves of alien attacks in randomly generated worlds where your one goal is simply to survive as long as you can by building up your defenses against progressively difficult waves. If you find yourself dying too often, you can always switch over to Survival Mode which lets you keep everything earned when restarting after death so it’s a great way to practice before taking on an even greater challenge!

17. Besiege

Besiege is a physics-based sandbox game that takes place in medieval times where players work together with their subordinates (workers) to build all sorts of siege engines like battering rams and catapults which can be used to destroy castles of Knights, the only line of defense against your siege. Eventually though, you’ll need better materials if you want to go past knights so it’s up to you to build more advanced weapons that allow for efficiency in gathering materials before you come upon new enemies that are even tougher than those before them!

21. Block Story

An action role-playing game similar to Minecraft on mobile devices, Block Story starts players out with an empty map where they must gather resources like wood and coal (instead of stone) by chopping down trees or mining underground tunnels (just like Cobblestone). These resources are necessary for building things like crafting stations and furnaces which in turn allow the player to craft more complex things. There’s also a day/night cycle which results in stronger zombies during night time so if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself quickly overwhelmed by the growing hordes of monsters lurking outside your house!

And there you have it! That ends our list of some of the best games like Minecraft on PC! Did any of these games catch your eye or do you feel that there are better ones out there? Let us know in the comments section below!”

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