If you are a user of Android smartphones, then we recommend you to use a VPN whenever you want to connect to public Wi-Fi. It’s because the public network’s security cannot be guaranteed by anyone, so there’s a risk of data theft and other cybercrimes that might happen to your smartphone. That’s why you definitely need to know which free vpn is best for android? This is necessary so you can choose the best VPN app that is compatible with your Android device, while it’s also safe and it doesn’t require you to pay money to use the VPN.

However, before you decide to choose a VPN for your Android smartphones, here are some tips that you can do:

You must choose a VPN app made by a trustworthy developer

The trustworthy developer will only produce a good and safe VPN app. Although their apps usually require some of your money before you can use it, their safety and quality cannot be denied. Fortunately, these developers provide free or trial versions of their apps too, so you can use some basic features of their VPN apps without spending any money. You must only use a VPN app that is made by licensed companies that have been trusted by many people.

You can see reviews of the VPN app on the internet

Reviews on the internet can help you find out about the advantages and disadvantages of VPN apps. That’s why we recommend you to only download and install VPN apps that have positive reviews on the internet. Those reviews can come in forms of articles and videos. Furthermore, you must check out the reviewer’s followers or subscribers first, so you can know whether they are trustworthy or not. The more followers or subscribers that they have, the more trustworthy they become.

You can check out the VPN app’s rating

If it has a 4 to 5 stars rating on app provider websites, then it means the VPN app that you see has a lot of people who are satisfied with its features.

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